Industrial Projects

Fab Projects

Sanitary Portioning Nozzles with integral pneumatic gate valves in 316 stainless steel.

Loading ramps in aluminum with 3 ton load rating.

Elevated machine platform with railings and man rated deck shop fabricated from 308 stainless steel

'Vacuum Tumbler' dump station.

Adjustable auger conveyor drive motor mount in 316 stainless steel.

Vaccum packaging machine forming die machined from aluminum.

Process machine lubrication system.

Cantelievered hoist monorail to aid in installation and removal of 450Lb gearbox in awkward position.

Process machine dating system

Pneumatic height adjuster for processing machine.

Adapters for modern encoders to replace vintage devices.

Control panel back plates and electrical enclosures for drop in replacement controls.

Gas purged stainless steel sanitary plumbing welding.

Welded and machined aluminum R8 colett rack.

Test switch panel to test a large power project off line.

Very high speed clutch brake controller- overvoltage activation and reduced voltage hold in for long life.




Scratch Built Machines

Rotary Filler